Bespoke Services

Long Term Care

While Long Term Care has long been thought of as nursing home coverage, today's insurance products provide a myriad of solutions to protect against all types of catastrophic healthcare events, including traditional long-term care. We offer a free analysis that calculates the unfunded liabilities your employee population is facing from future long-term care costs.


While many employers provide group Long Term Disability coverage to their employees, the fact that the disability benefits themselves may be taxable can cause employees to receive less than 40% of their pre-disability income earnings. This problem is enhanced for ex ecutives whose coverage is often capped at an amount significantly below their actual income.


All employees need access to options that can assist them with paying for out of pocket healthcare costs caused by know or unknown events. Our suite of benefits includes coverage for accidents, critical illnesses like; cancer, heart attack or stroke along with hospitalizations. We also offer legal, identity theft, and even access to loan programs that can assist employees in a tie of need.


Designed for governmental agencies and unions that are collectively bargained, our BespokeVeba solution can provide employees with tax-free income to pay for healthcare expenses in retirement.


If you like your HSA account you will be absolutely amazed at what you can do with a Bespoke401(h) plan. Designed for employers who offer a Defined Benefit Plan or Cash Balance Plan, it can save you and your employees tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes by providing tax-free income to pay for healthcare expenses in retirement.


Healthcare costs can and will be significant for most people retiring in the future. Those individuals who have saved and been successful in accumulating assets and income may see their out of pocket healthcare costs eclipse $1 million dollars in retirement. Like long-term care, we offer a free analysis that estimates the unfunded liability of retiree healthcare costs.


Because healthcare costs will be significant for many younger ex ecutives, employers who assist their employees in funding for these costs in a tax-advantaged way will win the recruiting and retention battles over organizations which neglect this issue.


Today’s term insurance is not like your grandfather's. In fact, it isn’t even the same as it was 10 years ago. Today, inexpensive term insurance with chronic or critical illness riders can provide another funding option for out of pocket healthcare costs or to supplement lost income due to an illness. You no longer must die or be terminally ill to receive a benefit.


Planning for healthcare costs in retirement should begin long before you turn 65. We provide employers and their employees with education so that they can properly fund for out of pocket costs and select the right coverages that supplement Medicare.


In today’s world of ever increasing healthcare costs it is important for organizations to not waste money. We provide organizations with a data driven approach to evaluating the many group healthcare options in the marketplace so that we can maximize the value to the organization and employees. Once plans have been chosen, we then use the same data driven approach to advise employees on their individual options.